Parlamentarischer Abend

Parlamentarischer Abend

Eindrücke des Abends

Eindrücke des Abends
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COVID-19 Challenges Update 7

May 27, 2020. New York. – COVID-19 continues to present a global challenge for citizens, governments, healthcare professionals, scientists, corporations, and the media. While the disease creates new challenges, it also highlights long-standing ones in terms of policy, communication, and societal awareness of key issues and how the media reports on these issues.

As the crisis continues, the impact of the media not just on the health crisis, but on the related policy crisis is clear. Global institutions need a solid trust base if their decisions and recommendations are to be followed. The WHO has had limited media visibility compared to other UN agencies. Now, in the heat of COVID-19, reporting on WHO on global TV prime time news provides little background on how WHO operates and why citizens can trust their health organization, this has contributed to the U.S. president’s refusal to pay the nation’s dues to the organization.

Meanwhile, social entrepreneurs have had trouble gaining traction to address the novel coronavirus crisis, while 43% off those who have “recovered” find themselves still unable to return to work.

Large scale societal changes from the COVID-19 crisis are likely. Luckily, an overall frame for dealing with these challenges and treating all lives as dignified and valuable already exists and has been accepted by 193 heads of state in the form of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with their 169 clear targets.

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These findings are produced in partnership with the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the African Union, the Universities Network, UN Academic Impact, and diverse faith communities as we need better data and reporting on solutions for tackling the pandemic.

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